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Improving Customer Service Quality Means More Business

by Erica Nelson on October 23, 2014

Improving Customer Service Quality

During the recession, most companies attempted to decrease costs to improve their net revenue. A majority of these companies cut their call center costs by lessening the quality of their training and cutting the salaries of their customer service representatives. On its surface, this seems like a sound business decision considering the research by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reveals that 70 percent of the expenses for running and maintaining call centers go toward the salaries of its representatives.

However, understand that your customer service quality cannot suffer when you attempt to decrease expenditures—and research shows that 66 percent of business-to-business customers and 52 percent of business-to-consumer customers discontinued buying after a negative customer service experience. So if you’re going to decrease resources and budget in any area of your business, make sure your changes don’t affect your overall customer service quality.

Conversely, given these findings, you should consider better training your customer service representatives, as well as refine and optimize your procedures—especially if your customer service quality is already suffering.

The study by UNC at Chapel Hill finds that many customers will abandon a call after waiting for a representative after one minute. The study concludes that this is most likely caused by the length of intervals between the automated messages requesting customers to have patience: sixty second intervals between these messages is deemed too long.

Purdue University offers a few tips for increasing your customer service quality, particularly when it concerns calls:

  • Ask your customers for feedback. Utilize marketing research such as after-call surveys, test sessions with a sample of consumers, and paid interviews to research what your customer expectations are. Keep in mind that your customers’ expectations might change over time, so this will be important to revisit.

  • 15 percent of your customer’s calls should be monitored. Research shows that call quality monitoring improves your call center customer service quality.

A study by the University of Wisconsin concludes that the satisfaction of your call center staff is directly proportional to your customers’ overall satisfaction with your customer service. Thus it’s an excellent idea to maintain a high overall employee morale via distribution of occasional incentives such as implementing an achievement board (recognizing representatives with no negative feedback) and giving promotions and raises when they’re deserved.

When working on customized call campaigns, we at D&S Global Solutions ourselves in providing excellent customer service. Contact us today to see if your business could benefit from our staff outsourcing solutions and calling campaigns.
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