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In working to out-compete, out-produce, and out-perform all others in every aspect of recovery solutions, we have developed our own proprietary software which allows for unmatched efficiency, unlimited access, and customizable reporting.

Using cutting-edge technology, our system is entirely scalable, compatible, and secure. We will easily adapt to any of your remote access requirements, provide a simple and fast client portal, and back-up everything.

We understand it’s imperative to have reliable security especially working offsite and in the cloud. We maintain PCI Level II compliance and have 3rd party network scans performed every quarter. Our network is surrounded by least privilege access firewalls, all of our team members have rotating, strong single passwords, and our software maintains its own account database, allowing for extremely fine grained access control.


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"Our dedication to client service is paramount."

Lonnie Larson, CEO, D&S Global Solutions