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Top 5 Advantages of Off-Site Workspace Structure

by Erica Nelson on October 28, 2014

Off-Site Workspace Structure

The nature of work has changed substantially in the past 50 years. Most jobs are more cognitively oriented. And, communication advances mean that workers can be anywhere and still be connected. The people who work for you do not have to be on-site to do their jobs well. And, there are many ways that having at least part of your team off-site can be more advantageous to your firm and your employees. In this post, we’ll outline a few of the advantages of having an off-site work structure:

1. Better Focus

When employees are on-site, there are multiple distractions and interruptions that can pull them off-task and decrease productivity. Five-minute chats in the kitchen cost hours when multiplied by 50 or 60 employees. Walk-in interruptions like deliveries and unexpected client visits are a drain as well.

According to Forbes, researchers found that call center employees who worked from home had productivity that was as much as 13 percent higher than their colleagues working in the office. When working from home, staff can create a more distraction-free environment to focus better and increase the amount that gets done in a day.

2. Lower Costs

In a study of a travel website call center, the company saved $1,900 per employee on office space and furniture. With off-site workers, costs for leases, utilities, office supplies, equipment, and janitorial services can all be lower.

Employees save money working from home, as well. A worker who would normally drive 20 miles to work could save nearly $1,000 a year on fuel costs alone, according to figures from

3. More Room to Grow

When everyone is on-site, you need to find larger spaces as your numbers of employees grow. This doesn’t just increase costs. The disruption involved in moving offices can put a drag on productivity and lead to stressed out and unhappy workers. Plus, in many parts of the country, an appropriate space for a larger staff may be hard to find.

Having a substantial portion of your workers work from home means more flexibility for your business. You can hire as needed without worrying about space to for everyone to fit.

4. Less Turnover

Staples Advantage found that employees who telecommuted were 76 percent more loyal to the company. Retaining employees longer means better continuity and lower training costs. According to Investopedia, the average company spends $1,200 and 32 work hours per employee on training. Additionally, it can take time for new hires to get up to speed. New employees are considered to work at about 25 percent productivity for their first month, meaning a 75 percent productivity cost each time an employee needs to be replaced.

5. Happier Employees

In the Staples Advantage study, employees who were allowed to work from home had much higher levels of job satisfaction. Stress levels were 25 percent lower. Nearly three-quarters said that they ate healthier. A happier team has higher productivity, a greater likelihood to stay with the company, and gives your business a welcome PR boost.

While not all positions are good candidates for telecommuting and off-site working, many can be smoothly transitioned. Take time to analyze the roles in your company and see which can be transitioned to off-site so your company can reap the benefits of a work-from-home workforce.

At D&S, our Off-Site Network—which has been employed for over 15 years—enables us to recruit the most experienced industry leaders for our team. Our off-site structure makes it possible for us to execute the best results for our clients, whether they’re a small business or a large, international enterprise. Our domestic and international satellite offices take advantage of all telecommunication, hardware, software, and internet technologies so we are not not bound by time zones and language barriers. Our employees are global, and so is our perspective. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of our off-site structure.

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